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Studio Policies
2019 - 2020


1. Tuition is based on a 36 week year divided evenly by 9.5 months.  Some months have 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks, but each monthly tuition payment remains the same.  You may make up any classes missed due to illness but we will not refund any tuition or prorate for classes you miss.    There will be no makeup classes for planned studio closings or picture week.  There will be no refunds or prorated fees for missed or cancelled classes.

2.Dropping a class:  To drop a class, please notify the office in writing by signing a drop form.  DO NOT tell the instructor!  You are still responsible for payment of tuition until this notification.

3.Cancelled classes:  If a class is cancelled due to weather, sickness of instructor or other emergency you may make up the class during a comparable class.

4.Registration: A non-refundable $35 registration fee and 1st month tuition is due at the time of registration.

5.Late fee: Tuition is due on the 1st of the month.  A late fee of $10 will be assessed after the 10th of the month.
Dance Company will have until the 30th of the month to pay. After the 30th a 25 dollar n payment/ late fee will be charged. No exceptions.

6.A statement will be mailed if 45 days behind in tuition or fees.

7. If an account becomes 60 days past due the child will not be allowed to attend class until the account is brought up to date.

8.If it is necessary to turn an account over for collection, an 18% interest fee on the unpaid balance will be added.

9.Returned check fee: A $25 fee will be charged for all returned checks.


1. Registration fee for each additional child is $25.

2.The second child will receive a 10% discount on tuition.  Each additional child will receive a discount on tuition.


1.Tuition can be paid monthly.  By cash, check, credit or debit card.  Tuition is posted on the 1st.

2.Tuition can be paid by semester.  If tuition for August-December is paid by August 10th or January-May is paid by January 10th a 5% discount is applied.

3.Tuition can be paid for the full year by August 10th and receive a 10% discount.

4. You are now able to choose to pay online through Jackrabbit or pay in office. You can pay online with a credit or debit card or come into the office and pay on or before the 10th. If you do not pay by the 10th your card will be charged on the 11th with an additional late fee of $10.


1.Each recital costume for the preschool and advanced preschool classes will be $70 and all other classes will be $75.  A $35 nonrefundable recital costume deposit per class (not including leaps and turns, back handspring, or strength and flex) will be due October 31st.  The balance of $40 or $45 on the costume will be due February 28th. 

2.If there is any class that you do not want to participate in recital please let the office know in writing by October 1st.  
3.If we do not receive your deposit by October 31st we will not order a costume.

4.If you choose to order a costume after October 31st, we will attempt to get it however the fee will be the $35 deposit plus a $20 processing and shipping fee (this fee does not count towards the total of the costume.)  We also cannot guarantee that the costume will be delivered in time for pictures.

5.No costumes can be picked up without being paid in full.


1.Recital Package:  $50 fee due by March 31st.  Included will be a recital t-shirt and recital program.  The recital fee helps to cover the auditorium rental, sound, UNA staffing, etc.  Recital will be May 26th-27th.

STUDIO CLOSINGS:  The studio will be closed the following dates:

1.Labor Day, September 3rd.
2.Halloween, October 31st.
3.Thanksgiving/Fall Break, November  25 - 30th.
4.Christmas Break, December 20 – January 5th.
5.Spring Break, March 23 - 28th.


1.Placement:  The instructor determines class placement by the student’s age and ability.  Students may be transferred to another level or advanced, at the instructor’s discretion, based on ability, attitude, musicality, consistency in work, and physical and emotional readiness.  A ballet class is recommended, because in ballet you develop the crucial technique, strength, and body alignment that is necessary for success in other forms of dance.

2.Dress Code:  All dancers must come to class in the proper dance attire and shoes.  Hair should always be pulled back off the face.  If students show up to class not properly dressed or without the proper shoes they will be given one warning the next time they will be asked to sit out of class.

Ballet I, II, III: Black leotard & Pink tights, Ballet shoe, Hair in a bun.

Jazz & Lyrical:  GIRLS:  Sports bra top, leotard, jazz pants or booty shorts, jazz shoes, dance paws, foot undeez, or pedinis.  NO t-shirts.  BOYS:  White t-shirt or wife beater, shorts or cut-off sweat pants.

Hip Hop: GIRLS AND BOYS: Tennis shoes (converse, Jordans, Nike), comfortable hip hop clothes such as sweats, cut off sweats, tiro pants, harem pants, bra top, basketball jersey, hoodie, hats and caps , etc.

Tap:  GIRLS:  Tap shoes, leotard, sports bra, booty shorts, jazz pant.  NO t-shirts.  BOYS:  White t-shirt or tank top, shorts or cut-off sweat pants.

Tumbling/Acro:  GIRLS:  Leotard, booty shorts, bra top or dance top.  NO t-shirts or shoes.  BOYS:  tight fitting shirt or tanktop, shorts or cut-off sweat pants.

Strength and Flex:  GIRLS:  Sports bra top, jazz pant, booty shorts, tennis shoes (they will be running outside when weather permits).  NO t-shirts.  BOYS:  White t-shirt or tank top, shorts or cut-off sweat pants.

3.Classroom Etiquette:

a.NO gum, food or drinks (exception of water) are allowed in the dance rooms.  

b.NO cell phones in the dance rooms.   

c.Please arrive for class on time.  Important warm ups occur at the beginning of each class and it is disrespectful to 
the teacher to walk in after class has started. If you have a conflict that prevents you from arriving on time please call the office or talk to your teacher.

d.No student should leave class without permission from the teacher.

e.No parents, siblings, or students not enrolled in the class are allowed in the dance rooms.  Windows are available for viewing class.

f.If you need to talk to a teacher please schedule an appointment through the office or directly with the teacher.  Teachers are NOT permitted to leave class to speak with parents and may not have sufficient time between classes.

g.If a student will be missing class please call the office and we will let the teacher know.

4.Parking/pickup/drop off:  The main entrance and parking are on the side of the building.  When dropping off or picking up please do not block others.   You may also park at Expert Oil when they are closed (6:00pm). Please do not park in the entrance lane on the side of the building.

5.Private lessons:  are available from the instructors.  All private lessons must be scheduled through the office.