Recital Program Ads

Don’t miss out on a lifetime keepsake for your child!  Have your child’s individual or small group (up to 4) picture in our recital program.  You can also personalize the photo with a message to your child.  These ads can even be sponsored by a business if you wish. 

Please remember a separate picture has to be taken for this ad at the same time as the class pictures.


¼ page or Full page: (please staple additional sheets for each additional ¼ page ad)

Name of student(s) in ad and class costume to be photographed in:
       Name                                              Name of Class 





Message to be placed with picture:________________________________________





Sponsor information (if any):______________________________________________


Please mark the size of the ad you wish to purchase, payment must accompany this form:

You will receive one free recital book:                          You will receive two free recital books:

_____  One (1) ¼ page ad - $75.00                                  _____  Four (4) ¼ page ads - $250.00           

_____  Two (2) ¼ page ads -$130.00                               _____  One (1) full page ad - $200.00